Let Me Say Something

Maybe I have gotten too good at this
I practiced enough at the
Masking and camouflaging
It seems to have you fooled
You who can't even see me
For who I am
The modern jack-o-lantern
I carved these scars
Into the smiles that adorn this battered face
The knife danced on my skin
Peeling and cutting away
What I deemed unacceptable
Based on a scale, not worthy of me
But you can't see that
Or maybe you don't want to
Because then you'll realize
That I am a lost cause
On your Samaritan crusade
Another failed knotch on your charity belt
Because you cannot redeem me
The price is too high
You cannot save me
With that plank in your eye
Although I have secrets to hide
My walls do not bar me from others
I see me in you
You and I are so much alike
Bound up by lies and fears
Picking at scabs
Refusing for the bruises to heal
It is so easy to remain hurt
Ignorant and indignant
While crying out for a grander quest
But how can you expect more
When you haven't dealt with
What's already in your hand,
In your heart, in your soul?
Can you really handle more crap in your life?
Is there even room for my hand?
You keep putting on these garments
Assuming a role that is not yours
I already have a Savior
I just need you here
Seeing me and still loving me
Despite everything

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