A Rarity

It's the rare moments
Fragmented and infrequent
Where lucidity flows in
Perspectives merge
And finally connect
And I see clearly now
Judgment no longer
Clouded, shrouded by outside noises
Biases cease
Other opinions are forever
Irrelevant, void
Because He wins
And he loses
I triumph and the world,
The world cannot say a damn thing
To bring me down.
I then realize
Impossibility is a limit that does not exist,
It does not have to.
Like the limit of 1/x if x=0,
It is not a viable choice.
I used to be a whiz at this
But now, I'm not sure if it's even correct
If it even makes any sense
So excuse me if I am wrong
All I know is...
Not much, maybe.
Except this, definitely
A box, or as a matter of fact
Anything meant to hold things,
Cannot contain my massive entity.
Actually, it will self-destruct
If it even thought
About holding me back.
The stars cannot compare to my beauty
Galaxies cannot begin to surpass my potential.
No, I may be small and weak at times
But do not be a fool
I am indestructible, unconquerable.
This universe is my playing field,
Although I am grounded
Here on Earth.
Possible, attainable, infinite
Are my birthright because
In these rare moments
During the quiet bliss
Where His will flows through me
And His strength makes my heart beat,
By Him and only through Him
I realize how blessed I truly am
And I cannot, for the life of me,
Continue in believing otherwise.
It will be a disservice
An injustice, a loss.
The alternative is a crime.
Living under the shackles
Of the thought
That I am not enough
I am not worthy.
No, I live for these moments
Where I am reminded of who I really am
And what I can achieve
With Him.

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