Mini Bites 30.0

When you feel shortchanged, cheated and bankrupted, when you feel like you have to accept scraps and crap and good enough, when you feel like you deserve what the world is offering at the cost of your dreams, hopes and happiness, remember that God already has the best for you, remember that God can do better, remember that God is never limited by your circumstances, resources or by people's opinions of you. Remember that it won't cost a thing to wait on God. He's already paid the price on the cross. He's worth the wait.

Mini Bites 29.0

Do you get what that means? The Lord is your portion. He is yours. His being, His essence is available to you. Do you get it?! He is your peace when you are restless. He is your strength when you are weak. He is your Redeemer when you feel useless. He is your Savior when you are lost. He is your Provider when you have nothing. He is your Healer when you are sick. He is your meaning when you feel insignificant. He's yours because you are His. God is fulfilling. If you really delight in Him, if you truly trust in Him, He can satisfy you. Anything besides Him is just fluff and cherries. It's extra. But God is the prize, the goal. He's the one at the end of the finish line. He's the one you've always wanted. "Philippians 3:12- I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me."

Mini Bites 28.0

It's easy to conform, to become what society wants you to be. But the thing is, the world did not buy you, it did not redeem you. God did and He called you for more. He called you to be you. Don't worry about how the world will accept you or how you will fit into the world. When authenticity walks into the room, everything else bows down. God set you apart to stand out, not fit in. When you finally accept yourself and approve yourself and love yourself like God does, you'll see that open doors and opportunities will find you easily. You won't have to work so hard for what is yours. So stop trying to fit into some mold. There is a need for your voice, your talent; there's a need for you, so be you. Have faith that God knew what He was doing when He made you.

Mini Bites 27.0

The disciple John throughout his book refers to himself as "the one Jesus loved" and I usually give him the side eye and look for a pin to burst his bubble. I really thought he was being cocky. But that wasn't it at all. He was calling himself what God called him, Beloved. He was just agreeing with the Father and my question to you is if you do the same? Do you claim what God calls you or do you hide behind the facade of humility and secretly wonder if He even cares about you? I know I do. Jesus lived, died and rose from the grave to reconcile Himself to you. What more do you need in order to believe that you are everything to Him? Trust me, He would have done it if you were the only one to save. He would have died willingly, knowing all the messed up things you did and will do. He loves you that much!!! You are the one Jesus loves!!!

Mini Bites 26.0

You never know the impact you have on people. You may feel insignificant where God has placed you but that couldn't be further from the truth. In God's presence, nothing is wasted, nothing is less than. A few fish and loaves of bread fed thousands. A slingshot killed a giant. A mustard seed of faith moved mountains. Shouts of praise leveled a fortified city. Prayer opened wombs. Jars filled with water turned into wine all because it was given to God. Stop looking at yourself from a place of insufficiency and realize you are full of potential that God is waiting to tap into. What you have may be small and it may seem impossible to make a difference but remember that's where God makes the miracles happen: in the small, ordinary, insignificant stuff like being a janitor in God's palace. Or a baby born in a manger...

It's My Anniversary

Two years ago, I wrote this:
No one is you. No one can tell a story like you because they don't have your experiences, your perspectives, your anything. Your story matters.
And that's where the title came from too.
I matter and my story does too. It may not matter to a lot of people but that doesn't mean that I don't matter.
A year ago, (where does the time go, seriously) I shared this:
This is why I can't stay still. This is why I keep moving. This is probably why there's longing within your soul because you have an inkling that you can do so much more. And you can, through His strength that is readily available to you.
But you have to break that mindset that keeps you enslaved and replace it with truth. 
And tonight, I want to remind you of all this:

  • You are not random.
  • You are not by chance.
  • You are not convenient.
  • You are not just there.
  • You are purposeful.
  • You are chosen.
  • You are not an extra.
  • You are not chaos.
  • You are not taking up space.
  • You are not the constellation prize.
  • You are the prize.
You are a deliberate thought formed in our Creator's mind and He saw you were good. He knew everything about you from the beginning, how many times you would make mistakes, how many times you would turn away from Him, how you ultimately cost Him His only Son and not only did He think you were worth it, but He chose you for a purpose. He picked you and thought you were fitting to be His vessel for His purpose.

You are not a blip on the radar. You will be missed if you went missing. You are loved and looked after by the One who created everything around you.

Don't give up. 

You have so much riding on this one life. I know that sounds daunting but you're not alone. God is with you every step of the way, guiding you and providing for you. If you'll just press into Him, He'll make your paths straight.

But it starts with expanding your faith: you have to start believing in yourself; you have to believe in all He says you are, in all He says you can do.

Can you do that? Because once you do, then you can do anything. And trust me, the world needs who you are and what you can do.

We need you so please don't give up.