Mini Bites 20.0

There was no room in the inn for the mother of the Son of God. No one knew who she was and who she was carrying. They didn't know that she carried their Savior in her womb, so they placed her in the barn filled with animals.
People will look at you and think that they know you. They will try to place you in a box that isn't even fit to contain you. Luckily, their opinions about you cannot stain your identity in Christ. People may think that you have nothing to offer but, like Mary, you know full well what God placed inside you.
Therefore, be faithful in that barn.
Be faithful in that cubicle.
Be faithful backstage.
Be faithful in the darkness because your circumstances do not negate God's promises over, His purposes in and His plans for your life. People's opinions about you do not dictate your future.
What matters the most is what God says about you. And His word never comes back void.

Flashback Fridays

The Lego Movie Triggered An Existential Crisis In Me

Yea, you read that right.
A children's movie made me question my existence.

Yea, I was surprised too.

Nothing is safe anymore... Nothing!

I love the premise of the movie but I didn't expect to get unhinged so early on.
I wasn't ready tho!!! I just sat down!

It happened when the good cop-bad cop interrogated Emmet. Bad cop couldn't understand how Emmet attained the Piece of Resistance. To him, Emmet was just an "ordinary construction worker," nothing special. Then he shows Emmet the interviews of his co-workers and neighbors, who knew nothing about him. Although, Emmet followed the manual and said hello to everyone and was very nice, they didn't even know his name, all they knew was that he was just there, another piece taking up space.

Emmet's reaction mirrored mine (he was devastated) and my heart deflated as my mind disintegrated with the fear of not being known. How sad would it be to go through life and no one can say that they knew you? That they didn't know how you liked your tea, or how you squealed when you heard your favorite song, or how you folded into yourself when you were tired, or how pants were your frenemy?

Bet you didn't know that about me.

As the movie continued, I just went down the rabbit hole and I wondered if it even mattered.
Does it matter if no one pays attention or gives me recognition?
Does it matter if I'm alive?
Or that I go to church?
Or that I write?
Or that I talk?

Should I just melt into the walls and disappear if people don't care about me?

I sound so sad and so needy and very whiny but how many times have you held back because you thought what you had to share was inconsequential?

Unless you have that platform, that recognition, that validation, you tip-toe around responsibilities and opportunities until you are sure that you'll get what you need out of the situation.

I'm guilty of that as well.

Why should I do anything if I don't benefit?

Then Jesus

Is it just me or does Jesus smack you upside your head when you get self-centered?
Oh, it is just me. Oh ok, then.

Since I'm the only real one up on this site, let's turn to John 2:1-11 where Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding.

Yea, I can imagine your face and Jesus probably had the same expression on His when His mom, Mary, approached Him and told Him that the wine was running low. He probably looked up at her, bewildered and asked why should it be any concern of His since it wasn't His party at the first place. He was here for a celebration; working a miracle was not on the schedule.

But Mary did not listen (normal for a parent) and she gave the orders to the servants to do as Jesus said.

And Jesus gave them instructions although He knew that this wasn't the platform He was to launch from, that He wouldn't get the credit for this, that in the greater scheme of things getting more wine for a wedding party is inconsequential.

But He did it anyway because more wine was needed and He was the only one who could do it. He couldn't hold back.

Why don't we have the same mentality?
Why don't we fill in the small, unseen positions around us?
Why do we keep on waiting for the big gig and hoard our gifts from everyday needs?
Why wait when people are desperately searching for you and what you have to give?

And they can't find you because you're waiting for the alluded "perfect" timing!!!

Does it really matter to you to be on stage when those who really need you are behind the curtains, away from all the praise, the accolades, the glitter and lights?

The world doesn't need to see what you do for the least of these; God always sees and He will exalt you in due time when He sees the faithfulness you are sowing into your present.

But if you keep waiting to arrive, you won't know what to do once you get there; wherever there is. So do it now; whatever is planted in your heart, figure out what you can do with your current supply and start now.

And for those of you (like me and Emmet) who feel that all you can offer is water when wine is requested, do it anyway just like the servants because when you offer all that you have, when you fill the jug to the brim, God will show up and make it the best thing ever.

Don't believe me... just watch.

Get Out and Stay Out Of The Boat

Peter... We love picking on Peter.
The loud-mouth, quick-tempered, thrice denying and faithless Peter.
Okay, maybe I'm a bit harsh with Peter.
After all, he did get off the boat and walk on water.

In Matthew 14, after ministering to a large crowd, Jesus had the disciples go to the next destination by boat while He sent away the people. Then Jesus went up the mountain to spend some time with God in prayer.

When Jesus finished, He looked out and saw the waves and winds stirring up a storm around His disciples. So He set out to meet them in the middle of their trouble.

And when the disciples beheld Jesus approaching them, they cried out, "Oh no, a ghost. Oh no!!!!"
And Jesus was all like, "Hey it's Me, chill..." as if, walking on water (insert neck roll) in the middle of a hurricane (insert side-eye) in ๐Ÿ‘the ๐Ÿ‘dead ๐Ÿ‘of ๐Ÿ‘the ๐Ÿ‘night is an everyday occurrence; Jesus who you playin'?

I will not calm down, You walking on water!!!!

And we all know what happens next: While everyone else was still freaking out, Peter, who took Jesus at His word, called out to Him, "If it's really You, then tell me to come to You on the water."
And Jesus did. And Peter walked on water until he realized he was doing something miraculous in the middle of a hurricane in the dead of the night. And the doubts swarmed around him.

Calm down for what?! This shouldn't be happening!!!! This is impossible! I should be sinking!!!

Peter then allowed the reality of his circumstances to eclipse the supernatural phenomenon happening within him.

He began to sink and Jesus saved him with the rebuttal, "You of little faith, why did you doubt?"

So we write Peter off, thinking that we are so much better than him.
And for what... Because we stayed on the boat?

At least Peter had enough faith to be bold and do what Jesus called him to do.
Can we say the same?
The answer to that question has to change... at least for me.

We can't look at Peter and think, "This is how not to be a Christian."

Because we have a Savior who has the grace and the power to enable us to do so.

Why do we stay in the boat?
Why sit at the sidelines?
Why keep watching life pass by?

Where's the fear coming from?

My name is Regine and I am Peter. I curse. I lie and cheat. I hurt people. I get mad quick. I wrestle with my doubts and wrestle with my God daily. I do not have it all together because sometimes I feel like I'm a lost case and He should give up on me.

But my God doesn't and will never let me go. Like with Peter, He made me, knowing full well the disappointments I would make. He still made me knowing I would fall and fail and not meet the standards.
He still chose me anyway. And I need to get out of the boat.

You need to get out of the boat too.

Don't listen to the naysayers or the dream-snatchers. Why would you listen to people who aren't even taking a risk?! They're still in the boat!!!! That's the only reason why they got time to share unsolicited advice with you. They got time cause they're comfortable, doing nothing impossible while you drown in a sea of endless possibilities.

You don't need to listen to them. 

Besides, how do you know what they're saying?
Don't look back at the boat as if it has something for you. You stepped off of it for a reason. It has nothing for you.

Don't look back and don't look around or you'll miss the best part.

Look ahead and realize that Jesus is with you in the storm, in the trial and in the trouble. He is there for you. And He is proud of you. You trusted Him. You took the risk.

Who cares if it didn't pan out the way you thought? God had better.
Who cares if you fell? God caught you, didn't He?
Who cares if you don't have what it takes? God had you covered.

Any more excuses... ๐ŸŒพ๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŒพ

If not, I think you should get off and stay out of the boat. Be what He called you to be.