Confessions 3.0

I love reading... Or at least I used to...

When I was little, it was very hard to tear a book from my hands. Every time a new book from the Harry Potter series came out, you would not see me emerge from my room until 3 days later. I begrudgingly took bathroom breaks when nature forced me out of my nice bubble cause sometimes I just reeked.

But lately, I haven't consumed books the way I used to. It's like an affair that lost its luster, its shine. They just don't hold the same fascination I found a few years ago. I have new books begging to be read, but I put them aside for the internet... I blame college and fan-fiction and Tumblr and Facebook and Wikipedia and fast-streaming. Books didn't even have a chance against the internet's quick delivery, fulfilling me with instant gratification that needs to be satisfied again and again in a frequency that makes me impatient in a fast-food line.

I don't have time for development of plot and character. My patience runs thin and snaps as time passes by. A second spent waiting is too much for me. A second... In our generation, a lot can happen in a second... So a second spent waiting is a waste to me. That is why my faith is so weak cause His timing is set to His own clockwork that drives me insane and pushes me (well... not really, I leave on my own accord) to find other things, easy things to appease my needs.

And, like after eating a baconator from Wendy's, I know what I succumbed to was horrible. It might have been so good but it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Like real bad, real bad Michael Jackson.

I can't even finish writing because it takes work and work takes time which apparently I don't have. But life is time. No matter what I choose to do with it, time still passes and I can't get it back if I waste it doing something stupid or useless.

Life is time and it's going to be spent with each breath I take. It's my choice to do what I want with it.

It takes time to become good at something. It takes time to develop, to grow. Although I want it now, I have to wait, I have to put in the effort, I have to be patient because it takes time and time moves in a way that modern society didn't teach me.

I need to enjoy the journey as well as the destination or my joys will just be a handful.

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