The X Chronicles: The Curse

I'm so-
No, you're right; it is your fault,
Just let me talk.
I apologize for wasting yo-
Can you please let me finish?
Now, where was I?
It sucks to say that
You are not enough, my dear
True, not long ago
I took what I could get
Afterthoughts and regrets
I received what you gave
Cause pieces of you
Fooled me into thinking
I was full and content
But the empty kisses
And the pity glances
Hollow out my barren heart
You aren't here with me anymore
Cause, let's be honest
You're with her
Yea, you thought I didn't know
You keep forgetting
Mama didn't raise no blind girl
You must be crazy to think I can't see
I'm never gonna fit into her measurements
I will always fail your fantasy
I'm not meant to take her place
Because, you idiot,
She is not me
So please, leave
Don't let our memories hold you back
I wouldn't want us to be the reason
You never attained perfection
But before you go, you must keep in mind
When she mounts you like the ass you are
When she showers you with kisses
When she brings you so close
That you can't help but come
Inside that tiny space
She'll coddle you in
Leaving you satisfied
As if you've reached the climax
My face will then haunt you
My touch will then invade you
My love will then drown you
Cause when I said forever
It wasn't meant to be taken lightly
That was my guarantee
Now, bye
And please, let the door hit you on the way out.

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