I don't think it's fair.
A tear escapes as I think of how much I need you
It really isn't right
Brushing my cheek, you smile
You know and yet you're still here
My damned kryptonite
My cheap cocaine
So easy, to get high
Off you and your smell
Dopamine levels increase
From your burning touch
And your kisses
Tantalizing, intoxicating  
Never could get enough
No- need more and more
Why isn't there a threshold
This is- you are exponential
Crashing into you, I lose my breath
Air filling lungs a luxury
But dying to be near you, to have you
Is destiny
To be brought to this brink
Again and again and again
By you and only you
Please, be my story
The beginning, the middle and yes-
If there must be an end
Let the words cease by your hand
Your command, your lips
That tease me many a moons
Don't ever leave
Promise, swear that it will only be me
You rise and rest with
It really isn't fair
I love you
I don't think that's right
I am in love with you
Enamored, captivated, fascinated, mesmerized
You smile and I remember
And thank the heavens that you want me too

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