Me Versus Me

So my head keeps playing ping pong between my thoughts
That oscillate between doubts and the truth
And it seems that the doubts have the upper hand
Am I good enough?
Am I a good daughter?
Am I a better sister?
Am I an irreplaceable friend?
Or can someone else substitute all the positions I play
What is my worth
When I know that another can do so much better
Cause I don't think I want to be here
I don't want this
I don't want any of it
All these responsibilities
All these expectations
Everyone relying on me to fill their requirements
Everyone needing me to be something that they want
Everyone molding me into a more desirable person
Someone, I believe,
Who is generous
Who is whole
Who is perfect
Who is not me
Not one bit
Because, I am flawed
I am broken
I am selfish
I am me
And even if I tried
To take on that role
Killed my dreams and destroyed my potential
Ignored my will to follow yours
I'll fall short
I will always fall short
To be the everything you want me to be

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