Prince Charming

I have been waiting for far too long
For my damn prince to come
My heart goes a flutter
For the slightest glint
Near the border
Only to find out
It's just another mother-f'er
Dressed up in some cheap ass foil
Trying to waste my life, my time
Then there's the occasional frog
Who, I thought
With my invested time,
Could be transformed to be mine
But I have been taught yet again
That if it talks like a duck
Walks like a duck
And looks like a duck
The frog will remain a dog
Until its last croak
Now the fairy tales taught me
That in the midst of my misery
My prince will come
And take me off on his grand steed
Into the sunset
For my well-earned happily ever after
And yet where is he?
As a matter of fact
Why do I have to wait?
As the damsel in distress
While he's out there
Doing God knows what
Probably sowing his seed
Why is my life in pause
When life waits for no one
Especially for the girl pining for a love story
That may never become real


  1. I love this piece. We shouldn't put our life on pause waiting for the perfect man to come to our rescue. As young women of Christ we need to be living for the Lord and doing His will. When we get our minds off Prince Charming and onto the Prince of Peace we'll learn to love God first and ourselves second. So when God sends our Adam we'll be able to know it's him. Better yet, we'll know ourselves and most importantly know the Lord.

    1. You are so right. We need to focus on God and everything else will fall into place. Once we're aligned with Him and His plans, nothing will deter us. Not even all those frogs =)