Mini Bites 22.0

I want to write, I want to teach, I want to speak and travel, I want to sing, I want to have a family. But from where I am standing now, it looks like none of those things will happen.
The other day I had an interview and for most of it, I could barely string my words together. 
Speaker, teacher, singer: out of the question
Writing a novel is the most daunting task I am getting myself into. Like what the hell am I going to talk about for like 100 pages?! And the print is so small, it's probably gonna be like 85,000 words?! Not to mention I can barely force myself to do the assignments at school, let alone upkeep this blog.
Writing: wishful, stupid thinking
I am currently working to cover my minimum essentials.
Traveling: fool's dream
No prospect in the love department. It's like the Sahara Desert over here. It is so dry and empty!!
Family: mirage
Right now, it looks as if none of my dreams will happen. My hopes seem to diminish with the realization of my inabilities.
But luckily, gracefully, mercifully the fulfillment of my desires do not rely on me. They rely on God.
It doesn't matter what I say or what people say (because people will say worse), God will accomplish His purpose through me. 
You do not need any validation or recognition from any man. You do not need your circumstances agreeing with what's burning in your heart. All you need to do is remember that God commissioned you. He validated you. He stamped you with His approval and He's going to back you up with His strength and ability.
It doesn't matter how bleak it looks, just know that He's able to bring your breakthrough all of a sudden, with no warning.
Don't quit. Don't give up.
He's able to do what is impossible.
Just trust Him.

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