Countdown to Easter 1.0

You can claim to know somebody completely but the truth is that you can never stop learning more. So a month ago, I decided to go deeper. I did a bible study called "30 days with Jesus," where I learned about the truth, the light, my Lord, Jesus Christ. 

And He revealed a lot to me. I thought I knew about Him but I either didn't or completely forgot.

As Easter approaches, I thought it would be nice to dedicate this week solely to Him. So for the next 6 days, I'll share tidbits about Him with you. But don't take my word for it. Dive in deeper, look up the verses I refer to. He's waiting for you.
Jesus is a promise fulfilled.
Jesus is with us.
Jesus is life.
Jesus brings increase
Jesus brings joy.
Jesus brings peace.
Jesus brings justice.
Jesus brings order.
Jesus is everlasting.
Jesus is Lord.
Jesus is Royalty, who was born in a manger and hung out with the sinners. He can relate to you.
Jesus is right on time.
Jesus is personal.
Jesus is approved, accepted and loved by God.
Jesus is the Son of God.
Jesus lifts burdens.
Jesus breaks chains.
Jesus saves.
Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah.

Jesus overcomes the trials, the temptations, the storms. Always.
Jesus leads.
Jesus protects.
Jesus defends.
Jesus is a name-changer.
Jesus sees you and knows you long before you ever encounter Him.
Jesus is just the beginning of greater things to come.
Jesus isn't what you asked for but He came anyway.

Share in the comments section about what Jesus means to you.

Scripture: Isaiah 7:14, 9:1-9
Matthew 1:18-2:23
Luke 2:1-20
Matthew 3:1-17
Matthew 1:1-17
Luke 4:14-44
Luke 5:1-11, 6:12-16
John 1:35-51

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