Mini Bites 21.0

I think this is what I struggle with as a Christian: to believe that Christ is within me, working something new, while still dealing with the same problems. I still lust, procrastinate, play small, get angry, use hurtful words, get scared.
I am still me and I don't know if Christ has a hold of me.
I don't know if I have Christ.
But faith was never about what is seen.
Although my circumstances terrify me, they don't even faze God. He's beyond everything that hinders me, making my paths straight.
He knows what He's doing and I have to trust that even when I don't feel like I am His, I am His.
He is within me and He is changing me.
The Christian walk is not easy. I do not know who lied to you. (don't worry, I do not remember who lied to me either
Why would it be easy when the world, the enemy try so hard to dissuade you from trusting in God?
There will be storms and crap will hit the fan multiple times in your life. Being a Christian doesn't exempt you from the brokenness of the world. However, following Jesus, placing all bets on God is the best thing you can do.
Because when everything fails, when everything fades, God is still there, holding you.
He's got you; trust Him.

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