Mini Bites 10.0

The Israelites referred to Moses as "this fellow" as if he didn't just bring them out of Egypt by God's own strength. They allowed time to erode the amazing truth that God is mighty, God saves and God provides. They forgot His goodness and they took their eyes off of Him and focused on things they could manipulate, things that were close by. They could not wait on God because they forgot why He was worthy of the wait in the first place.
When time passes by, it becomes harder to remember what He has done for you, especially if you have your eyes set on what other people are getting while you are still waiting. The wait involves trust; it involves faith. 
In order to wait, you have to trust that the one thing you'll finally say yes to will be worth more than everything you'll ever say no to. In order to have patience, you have to believe that all the rejections you are experiencing now will pale in comparison to that one acceptance coming your way.
In the desert, in the dry seasons, do not let bad habits resurface. This is the time to stir yourself up with expectancy, to remind yourself of what God has done for you and that He will continue to be good to you in the future. You have to start trusting, believing and waiting on the fulfillment of His promise. He has not brought you this far to leave you right outside of the promised land. 
Don't give up. Don't turn away. Keep waiting on God and keep trusting in Him. 
He is so worthy!

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