Mini Bites 11.0

You are a role model, regardless if you signed up for the position or not. People watch you even when you think no one sees you and they might mimic you or mock you. Especially as a Christian, people will have their eyes on you, making sure you walk the Christian talk.
So are you displaying God's grace and truth? Don't worry about people's opinions of you, your only concern is God's opinion. So are you working and living as if it's all unto Him? Colossians 3:23-24
Are you keeping in mind His standards as you go through your life? Or does your flesh get in the way?
In the chapter, Queen Vashti's reasoning was never disclosed because in the greater schemes of things, it doesn't matter how you feel. When God calls you, you answer and tell your flesh to shut up.
God always calls you against your flesh which tries to convince you that you're not equipped, worthy or you couldn't be bothered with it. He calls you against what is easy so you can do what is hard in His strength.

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