Mini Bites 9.0

Your purpose in life is not outside of God. Your purpose is in Him. You cannot separate the two. Once you realize that truth you will see that you can't divine the stars, look into your palms or look to other people to see where you have to go or what decision to make. You look to Him. You rely on Him. You trust in Him and your steps will be made straight.
And it won't be easy. People and things will distract you. The path will be hard. Sometimes you'll think it isn't worth it. You'll feel as if it's futile, that you keep coming up empty, that you can't find Him or even hear Him. But that's a lie from the enemy, so keep on digging into the Word, keep seeking His face, you keep on pouring your heart out to Him and He will reveal Himself to you.
Don't ever give up. God is so worth the find. He'll reward you for your persistence with plans and promises that you can't even imagine. And so much more.
Don't give up!

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