I kissed death squarely on its mouth
And was pleasantly surprised to be
Met, not with a skull,
But with soft lips that attempted,
With a breath that smelled
Like daises and white lilies,
To render my lungs useless
Not forever but for one moment
Because it understood my need,
Better than any previous lover,
To be swept off my feet.
Its eyes were a shade of eternity,
A mixture between dawn and dusk,
A color I could fall in love with,
If there was any time.
It held me with such delicacy
That I searched for high and low
But have not found yet.
It held me as if I was whole
And perfect and beautiful,
Not like a treasure chest
That has been stripped from its gold.
No, it saw me in a way
That no one ever could.
Not even me.
Maybe we got it all wrong.
I let go.

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