Have you ever wondered
If your bones were oracles
You should have heeded
Or that you should have listened
To those guts now splayed all over,
Lying limp upon your sheets?
Maybe if you had paid attention
You wouldn't be here playing
Out the prophecy
Your inner being warned you about.
And you can't do anything
Lying petrified, covered with
The sweat of your sin
You can't move
Not that you want to stay
But because there's a fine line
Separating you from reality
That you don't want to disturb
A delicate boundary that
Can break as easily as
When that boy who once sweared
To you a lifetime of eternities
Took your virginity
And left you empty
No, you don't want to move
And look at him
Next to you
And realize with sobering eyes
He's a shadow of a man
A craven of a god
Who failed to call the
Cooling waters to free you
From the burning within
Who failed to give breath
To those dreams you're ashamed
To admit you still have
He failed you and
Instead gave you a truth
You don't want to swallow
How can you give everything
And still feel alone as
If you have nothing

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