Playing Pretend

Wake up and look around
Halloween is an everyday thing
Don't you see the lambs
Dressed up as wolves
Sheepish and adamant
About not becoming sacrifices
For a cause that lost
Its valor and its glory
Many years ago
Sadly, they are not like
The Shepard, they tune out His voice
And refuse to follow
They are selfish
And not the good kind
They feed on flesh
Rotten or fresh
They don't discriminate
They nourish and flourish
Among the weeds and desiccated trees
Being kept alive by the sole desire
To serve their starving, gluttonous bellies
With anything that can be found
But nothing satiates the need
Hunger pains don't hurt luckily
Not when immunized against their conscience
They don't want to hurt anymore
So they clothe themselves
Under different markings
Disguising their vulnerabilities
Hiding the soft spots
Putting a breastplate over the beating flesh
Located beneath their rib-cages
They are taking precautions
Ignoring their nature
To make sure that they don't break
Especially when love might not be
Worth it anymore

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