Book Deal

          I entered the restaurant and saw Rae sitting by the window with someone.
          That's weird she didn't say another person was joining us, I thought.
          As I came closer to the table, I realized that Rae and Melissa were in an argument. Well, not exactly an argument. Rae was pleading to Melissa about something to which she looked adamantly against. Melissa kept shaking her head to whatever my sister was saying and neither of them noticed my presence.
          I cleared my throat and said, "Hi."
          They both jumped at the sound of my voice and quickly pushed aside their conversation in order to greet me. As I sat down, Melissa signaled the waiter to our table, and he took our orders. Once he left, Melissa asked me about pleasantries and I answered them halfheartedly because my sister took nearly all of my attention.
          Rae was bursting with something. Her eyes glowed with a secret she desperately wanted to share. All the while, Melissa asked me about my day, Rae sat there with a huge grin, barely sitting still in her chair. No one should be that happy and not say anything. Is she pregnant again? At my quizzical look, she opened her mouth but closed it quickly under Melissa's glare.
          Confused, I looked to Melissa and she sighed and said, "The other day, your sister told me that you wrote. Later that week, I happened across the site and believe me when I say this I didn't suspect that you wrote this well. Your blog is amazing, Lindsey. It blew me away."
          "Aww, thanks Melissa."
          Rae began to speak, but Melissa cut her off.
          "Usually bloggers are amateurs at best. But you have an eloquent and mature voice that hooks your loyal followers and I believe can be easily translated to a broader audience."
          "You're really too sweet, Melissa. I appreciate your kind words but..."
          My attention was drawn yet again to Rae. She had her hand pressed against her lips, which were obviously forming a smile. What is up with this woman? And why hasn't she said a word since I've gotten here.
          "So have you thought about making this a career, kid? Melissa asked, bringing me back to the conversation."
          I smiled broadly, and shook my head. It's crossed my mind plenty of times, but like my love life, it was a dream that may never be realized.
          "I've never thought I had the talent to do this professionally. At least not now," I replied.
          Melissa laughed at my response and said, "Don't put yourself down. Your gift is plastered all over this blog, Lindsey. So much so that I am surprised that no one has approached you about a book deal before now."
          Rae was now hopping in her seat and Melissa shot her a look. She froze and started laughing. Her friend couldn't help but share in her obvious joy.
          Then everything made sense. Or almost did because it couldn't be…
          My eyes widened and they both laughed at my incredulous face.
          I closed my gaping mouth and shook my head at their smiles.
          She couldn't be…
          I looked to Rae, "You're not pregnant?"
          She shook her head no.
          Oh God...
          "Lindsey, I would love to have you as a client."
          "Are you serious?" I couldn't possibly… Could I?
          Rae nodded her head vigorously as Melissa said, "You have everything needed, Lindsey…  All you need is me to make this a reality for you, and trust me I can."
          "She can," squealed Rae. "Oh my, yes she can, baby."
          "You really can't keep quiet can you, Rae?" Melissa asked
          She beamed at Melissa and I said, "No, not with something this juicy."
          We all busted into laughter.
          "I'm surprised I lasted this long," Rae said as the waiter placed her food in front of her.

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