Vocabulary and spelling has never been my best suits.

Memorization is not the best way for me to learn; my brain just jumbled and fumbled with all the useless words and I didn't excel on those quizzes during elementary.

But in high school, when I had a list of words to learn, we had to put them in sentences that would help put them in context, especially when I used one of my friends as the subject of those sentences. She didn't like it too much, but that's what happens when you're friends with a writer: don't be surprised if you see a character that looks just like you.

Trust me, one of the ways I passed Organic Chemistry was to make up stories for why certain chemicals acted the way they did in reactions. For example, Oxygen has so much love to give that it can take up two partners at a time (corny, I know).

I had better and more scandalous stories than that but that stressful time is now blurry to me. And thankfully, behind me.

Anyway, when I had to study for the GRE this past fall, I had to find ways to put real meaning into those endless definitions. So, I wrote poems and they helped.

It was hard to use those words but once you do, it isn't too hard to remember them.
Again, they are corny but it helps.
If you find a way, you'll find that you actually like learning.

This one is written for the books
What I have dreamed of
When I was a little girl
This right here
Is kismet, fate
So kiss me

No, I don't want to be grounded
To be pedestrianAnd never see a giant's face
Or chase the horizon
No, I don't want to stand still
I want to fly with dragons
And kiss the stars

I would rather you think I was prosaicA bore of a thing
Instead of allowing my tongue,
With a single fluid roll,
Betray my mind and reveal
That I am a cacophonic mess
A myriad of aimless thoughts

When has your heart become so calloused
When did it decide to take up residence on such an obdurate, desolate route
You know feed on tears instead of being moved
What happened to you?
Who broke you?

You bounce with such levityI'm afraid that if I try
I can't touch you, you ephemeral being

Wind and unwind
Wind and unwind
Like the sinuous ocean
Nipping at our feet
Luring us towards its depths
Wind and unwind
Until we just come together as we used to before

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