ThrowBack 3.0

Conceited (If You Only Knew)

I stand before the mirror
Consumed by this image
Enticed by my shape
Enthralled with my legs
Enchanted and in love
With what God has bestowed
Some say I am conceited
But I'm really not
Okay, maybe a little
*kanye shrug*
But, am I really to blame?
Can you really find fault
With the fact that I refuse to stand here
In war with glass
And list and point out
All my flaws
All the things I wish I could change about myself
My hair that never looks right
My belly that can never hide
My skin that can never be clear
And start this endless trend
Of self-hatred that slaps Him in the face
That makes me feel like...
Nothing that I ever want to feel again
But no one is perfect
And I do get caught up
Lost in reflection
Drowning in those damned thoughts
Of feeling worthless and stuff
Then I smile
Cause I have a beautiful smile
And nice eyes
Can't forget about my awesome boobs
And my great...
Yea, I am conceited
But so what?
(Who's gonna check me, boo?)
I was born this way

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