The 11th

Today is the 11th and I thought I should do something just because it's the 11th =) (one of my favorite numbers if you couldn't guess)

Despite claiming otherwise, I think a lot. If you could spend a day in my head, you just might be shocked by what goes on in there. I have bits and pieces of stories, poems and dance moves swirling around...

But don't worry, I'm not here to drown you with my silly nonsense (maybe another day?). This post is a continuation of yesterday's.

I love spoken word. I have a YouTube playlist dedicated to the art that breathes life into those words. I know that the written word, in and of itself, has power but having someone say it out loud makes it more poignant.

So the following videos are the ones I listen to when I become worrisome.

The first one, called Too Creative (lyrics), by Propaganda is the better version of yesterday's post.

He speaks the truth. I'm terrified, I'm scared out of my mind. If you ever watched The Hangover Part 2, there's a scene where the guys go to Alan's house and Alan classifies himself as a stay-at-home son. And from that moment on , I thought I would go down that same road.: after a couple of failed attempts, I would go back home and live under my parents roof where it all started and die there. 

Yes, I am crazy and I probably should be committed but for some reason I think that I was made for an average life. I won't push myself because I believe that everything I will do will come out so-so. 

But what a lie, what a lie, what a lie. Listen to the video again and again until it sinks in. You have it in you. Whatever He placed in your heart, He has plans to bring them out. Don't let the circumstances fool you. He's got you and you don't need anything else. So, STRIVE (lyrics).

My favorite poem, by Carvens Lissaint and Miles Hodges, to rejuvenate my spirits. Everyone gets tired. Everyone gets discouraged. Everyone wants to quit but the only way to get anything is to keep on going and this poem reminds you of that.

Read the words for yourself. If they don't move you, then read them again because they will. They have for me.

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