"When Love Arrives" & "A Crucifixion Type Love"

If you have any idea as to who I am, you'll be surprised that I held out so long on posting something about this subject... If you are just learning about me, you'll realize that I love love... I love the feelings it invokes, the ideals it portrays, the promises it holds. Can you blame me? God created us to want love in our lives. That is why we are always searching for something, anything to fill that void in our hearts at the risk of settling  for a mere imitation. But if you wait on Him and seek Him, He'll fill up that God-shaped hole inside you and fulfill every desire you have ever had and then some...

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  1. Yes, He will! And I love your passion for love. I think that when that special gift from Him comes your love for love is going to be inexplicable.