Here, Now

There is no other place than here, there is no other time than now that God wants to do a good work in you.

We love to believe that what God calls us to do couldn't possibly begin where we are right now. Compared side to side, God's vision for our lives supersede our resources, our budgets, our circumstances, and our qualifications. 

It's impossible from where we're standing, so we try to move ahead of God all in the name of helping God to get to a place where we are better able to handle His call.

But what we seem to forget is that where we stand is exactly the same place where God wants to begin the work in us.

In the bible, God met everyone exactly where they were and did wonderful things with them EXACTLY WHERE THEY WERE.
  • Joseph, the favored son and hated brother, was forced into slavery but still came out on top
  • David, the harp player for the king, was on the run as a fugitive from the king and still got the crown
  • Moses, the Hebrew masquerading as the Egyptian prince, turned into a murderer but still became a deliverer 
All because God simply chose them. They had no resume that would get them hired in the earthly realm. If they would have run for their destined position, man would have told them no.

But God said yes because He knew what their resumes and budgets didn't show. He knew what their circumstances tried to keep quiet about. He knew what their resources lied about.

He knew that they were able because He was the one to place that gift inside of them in the first place.

God was the one to give Joseph his dreams.
God was the one to anoint David king.
God was the one to give Moses the burning desire to deliver Israel.

It didn't matter what anyone else said because God had already said yes to them before the foundations of the earth were laid down.

God doesn't need you to be anyone else but who you are, who He created you to be.

He knew your hang-ups, your insecurities, your fears, and He said yes to you.

God said yes to you in that dry place, in that quiet place, in that inactive place. He said yes to you as you. He wants no one else but you.

And if you would just trust in that, that He wants you, God will do amazing things through you because the world needs you just the way you are.

We're waiting for you.

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