Truth Revealed

I'm a battlefield. We all are. We're tattered and bruised from the war within. People and situations chip away at us until we give up, until we stop trying.

For me personally, I'm fighting between complacency and greatness. 

Sometimes, I want to burrow into the wall and not be seen, not receive any type of attention or recognition. Just lie there and be (whatever that means).

But most of the time, there's a voice inside that refuses to let that happen. Each time I retreat, it calls out to me, asking me why am I hiding, why am I afraid?

And I don't have an answer for it, so I ignore it. However, the voice just gets louder and louder until my little corner gets too uncomfortable, too unsettling with echos that I have to move. So I do; I step out from the familiar and walk out into the unknown.

The journey is exhausting because the voice doesn't let me stay in one place. It keeps urging me on, encouraging me to keep up with the baby steps because they are better than no steps. The voice applauds me even when I'm crawling and is patient especially when I turn away.

It's been about four years since I've started this walk and I am changing by His grace.

And the promises He's been sharing with me are too good to be true. But God is faithful. I'm living proof of that and you are too.

You are the child of the Most High. Even if you don't acknowledge His existence, He breathed life into you, knitted you in your mother's womb and claimed you as His own. As His child, you can inherit His power. You are royalty and once you let that sink in, you wouldn't let anything shake you with fear because "He didn't give you a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, love and self-discipline."

This is why I can't stay still. This is why I keep moving. This is probably why there's longing within your soul because you have an inkling that you can do so much more. And you can, through His strength that is readily available to you.

But you have to break that mindset that keeps you enslaved and replace it with truth.

Let this marinate for a bit: Death can't even hold Him back. He conquered the grave with the same power that is accessible to you, so why are you letting the devil lie to you, convincing you that you're nothing?

Learn the truth, learn Whose you are because that changes everything.

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