Mini Bites 23.0

Abraham didn't focus on his own impotence and say "It's hopeless. This hundred-year-old body could never father a child." Nor did he survey Sarah's decades of infertility and give up. He didn't tiptoe around God's promise asking cautiously skeptical questions. He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, sure that God would make good on what He said. That's why it is said, Abraham was declared fit before God by trusting God to set him right. " But it's not just Abraham; it's also us! The same thing gets said about us when we embrace and believe the One who brought Jesus to life when the conditions were equally hopeless. The sacrificed Jesus made us fit for God, set us right with God.
Romans 4:19-25 MSG

I look around and list the many things that are "wrong" with my life. 
The complaints can go on for days and I become an unbearable party pooper. 
I do not know how anyone deals with me.
I look around and see the good in everyone else's life but I never do the same for myself. 
Only the bad pops up.
And when I finally decide to look up, I don't see God; I'm too busy with my litany of discontentment and woe-is-me bull crap to see Him and realize that He has eyes.
Duh, He is omnipresent and omniscient.
God sees!!!! He is not blind to my sufferings or yours.
The stuff we're complaining about, He sees. 
He notices our burdens and the hopelessness of the situations. 
He doesn't need us to draw His attention to them.
He's more than willing to step in and change some things. 
But are you willing to wait on Him as day changes into night that transitions into a week, a month, a year?
Will you wait for God and trust that what He promised a "while" back will come to be?
That only He is the One who can do it?
That's why He spoke it!
That He will back up His word?
Instead of telling God about our situations, let's remind ourselves who God is.
God is the GREAT I AM, who is everything we ever wanted and needed.
He can do it and He will do it.

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