Mini Bites 16.0

Jesus is not looking for saints. Jesus doesn't want perfect. He wants you in all your crap with all your baggages weighed down by all your issues. You don't need to be clean and pristine to approach His throne. All you need is a receiving and willing heart to encounter Jesus in a profound way.
Don't believe me?
In the bible, there are countless accounts of God making promises to people who He knew would mess up majorly in a few pages.
Abraham slept with Sarah's maidservant. He still got Isaac from Sarah's womb.
David killed Uriah after impregnating his wife. Jesus still came from David's bloodline through Solomon.
Peter denied Jesus three times. He still became the rock upon which Jesus built his church.
God still kept His word despite the disappointments. Better yet, God, being omniscient, gave His word in the first place, which goes to show that He wants to be good to you, not because of what you've done but because of who He is. 
A good God. An awesome God who bestows His love on you just because. 
You don't deserve it. You can't earn it.
It's grace. Receive it.

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