Mini Bites 15.0

I have trouble in trusting God sometimes because I focus on myself too much. I get caught up on my failures, insecurities and doubts. Then I look up and view Him in that same color of insufficiency that I see in myself. And I'm left wondering why He isn't doing something marvelous in my life...
We need to stop conforming and projecting our image (how we see ourselves) onto God. He is not like us at all. He doesn't look at us the way we do. He doesn't get exasperated with us. He isn't quick to cuss us out. He isn't like that boy who hurt you. He isn't like the girl who badmouth you.
He is nothing like us.
God is love and grace and truth and patience and mercy and joy and strength and able and beautiful.
God made us (not the other way around) in His image. He calls us to His level. He enables us to elevate from our negative thoughts and we have to step our game up.

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