Mini Bites 14.0

I was convicted reading this verse yesterday. The past week, or to be honest, the past year, I've been lurking on all types of social media, admiring and wishing that my life could look like everyone else's. I wish I could travel more and have a beautiful family and be successful in my field. Hours would pass by as I drooled on multiple timelines.
But God corrected me and revealed that He didn't call me to be like anyone else. I am an original. There is only one Regine Darius and if I want to be great as me, I need to shift my focus. God called me to Himself, not to any of those people I cyber-stalk. He doesn't want another copy. He wants me. And the people I admire don't hold the blueprint to being myself; God does.
Stop looking around as if you are lacking. You won't fit into anyone else's skin. God made you perfectly. Yea, you can have role-models and mentors but no one can do you like Jesus can. Who knows you better than the One who made you? If you need an upgrade, look to Him.

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