Mini Bites 42.0

There's the sensible kind of hope:
the hope that is most likely to win,
the hope that stands a chance,
the hope that makes a whole lotta sense.
This is the hope that you and everyone 
around you can see.

Then there's the impossible hope.
The hope that rises up as the other kind is
buried beneath the odds,
The hope that has no type of sense
That has you snatching up all your marbles
Otherwise you'll be left feeling crazy,
and you don't want to be crazy.
No, you want to be like everyone else.
Sensible and attainable.
You want nothing to do with the hope that sees
beyond- beyond all the dwindling chances
and still hopes.
Because that kind of hope holds some serious standards,
and you cannot settle.
It won't let you settle; it won't set you down.
It waits, and you
You wait with it.
You two will wait.

Until the answer comes.

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