Mini Bites 37.0

Then Amaziah said to Amos, “Get out, you seer! Go back to the land of Judah. Earn your bread there and do your prophesying there. Don’t prophesy anymore at Bethel, because this is the king’s sanctuary and the temple of the kingdom.”
Amos answered Amaziah, “I was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I was a shepherd, and I also took care of sycamore-fig trees. But the Lord took me from tending the flock and said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people Israel.’..."

Amos was stirring up some trouble. He had a word for the Israelites from God and the priest, Amaziah was not having it at all.

Because God's word didn't align with what the Israelites wanted to hear. They didn't want to hear what the Lord had planned if Israel refused to repent and turn back towards the Lord. 

They wanted to remain complacent, they wanted to delve deeper into the world's luxuries and riches. They didn't want to turn away from what pleased their eyes, their flesh so they closed their hearts against God.

Amaziah was in charge of keeping the status quo of his people, rather than raising the people up to God's standards and he asked Amos to leave and stop sharing God's word.

But Amos stood his ground. He wasn't going to be bullied by the priest. And you shouldn't either.

Stop settling for the status quo.

I'm not sure what is discouraging you from doing or sharing the word God gave you.

Maybe someone is trying to kick you out because you are disturbing the peace. Maybe you don't fit the mold or the vision that is normal, familiar to those around you. Maybe they don't understand where you're coming from. Maybe you're weird and no matter what you do, you cannot fit in the place to which God called you. Maybe you were better off where God got you from and maybe you're thinking of going back to that place...

Stop where you are. Don't you dare uproot from where God planted you.

People may try to label you, move you and misplace you but you've got to remember what God spoke over you.

Remember when you were minding your own business, tending to your own grass, occupying the lane you were in, then God interrupted and gave you a different agenda, a different lawn and a different street to take care of...

God did not make a mistake.


He called you to the place you are because He has a word, a purpose inside you that needs to be unleashed there. 


Because no one can move you.

Like what Amos experienced, God opened a door for you, gave you an opportunity that no man can alter.

People can huff and puff but no one can keep God's word from moving forward. No one can keep you from moving forward with His plan.

So do it, whatever it is that God gave you to do in this moment.

Don't give up because no one is rolling the red carpet to welcome and accept you.

Their reactions, your circumstances do not and will never null His word.

His word cannot be void. His purpose will be fulfilled.

So be faithful where He placed you.
Be faithful with what He entrusted you.

God did not make a mistake in choosing you to be a light.
He knows what He's doing although people might be looking at you, confused.

Remember He gave you the vision, not them.
Be faithful and walk it out.

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