Got Grace?

Ever since last week, I've been scared of driving.

I blew out my tire. If there was such a thing for tires, my tire was in its birthday suit by the time I was able to pull over; stripped bare naked. And thankfully, gracefully, mercifully I didn't hurt myself or anyone else in the process.

But the guy who changed my tire warned me that if I were to drive above 55 mph, if I were to drive at the speed limit on the highway, then the spare will pop off, I would lose control of the car, and possibly flip the car.

If I wasn't scared before, then I was terrified by the time I got behind the wheel.

I drove miles below the limit that day and the next.

The morning after, I cried while driving on the highway (cause California doesn't believe in local roads), staring at the speedometer, thinking that I'm gonna die if I tempt fate again. I will die if I don't pay attention to my car. I will die if I'm not careful.

Have you ever felt that way, that if you don't get it right this time that you'll lose your chance forever?

Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save and His ear is not too dull to hear. 
Isaiah 59:1 
You are His and He will never leave nor forsake you. He will be quick to save you. And if you listen, God will show you how to get out of that situation no matter how many times He's told you before.

As long as you have breath, God will offer you another chance.

What I forgot, as I drove in trepidation, is that I didn't use up my last free pass with God. If I did find myself in that situation again, my God is able to save me. My God is able to deliver me. My God will do it again.

Yea, I have responsibilities. I need to keep up with my maintenance, be aware of the warning signs, but if the unthinkable happens, if something out of my control occurs, I don't need to be afraid.

God has me. Although it caught me off guard, He saw it before He laid the foundations of the world down and He gave me grace to get through that accident, that trial, that fire, that storm.

God is limitless. What He offers you is boundless. When man writes you off, God doesn't. He made a promise with you and He's sticking with you til the end.

He is faithful. And whatever you're facing today, God has grace for that.

And He has grace for tomorrow too.

And the next day and forever more.

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